Dear International students,


I hope this letter finds you well. Currently, everyone is concerned with the outbreak of the pneumonia caused by a new strain of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China. Meanwhile, lots of control and prevention measures have been taken in China.First-level public health emergency response has been activated in Guangxi. Guangxi Normal University has attached great importance to the safety and health of all international students. In order to effectively fight against novel coronavirus jointly, we would like to offer the following suggestions:


1.Please be alert to latest notices, information and regulations issued by Guangxi Normal University. Pay close attention to the news on control and prevention of new pneumonia on official media like China Daily (http://www.chinadaily.com.cn) and the instructions on National Health Commission (http://en.nhc.gov.cn) to learn the knowledge of disease prevention and self-protection. Please have objective understanding of the coronavirus. Do not believe in or transfer unconfirmed information or rumors.


2.The university has decided to postpone registration time for 2020 Spring Semester. Please do not return to Guilin and Guangxi Normal University before 24th February, 2020. The starting date of the semester will be announced later. Without permission, students are not allowed to return to the university in advance. Those who fail to follow it will be faced with severe punishment according to the regulations of the university.


3. Students who are traveling or visiting relatives or friends in other cities in China, please stay in place. If you arrive in Guilin from other places, please go to Guilin Center for Disease Control and Prevention or other public hospitals to do medical examination and provide your itinerary information to the office (including the places where you’ve been to, means of transportation, etc.). Although there are no suspicious symptoms coming up after medical examination, please stay in dormitory for a 2-week observation, and sign the Commitment Letter of Self-Quarantine. 


4. Students living on campus during the winter vacation shall obey the university’s rules and regulations. Except urgent matters, you are not advised to leave campus. Students who intend to leave China should apply to the College of International Culture and Education in advance. With permission from the College, students could return to home country. Due to possible flights changes, please check the flight status carefully to avoid being stranded at the airport. Students living on campus are strongly advised to stay in dormitory instead of travelling to other places. Minimize outdoor activities, and do not organize party within dormitory. Visitors are not allowed to enter the dormitory building. Avoid crowded places and places with poor ventilation. If you have urgent things to deal with, remember to wear a mask and a pair of gloves. Please pay high attention to the personal hygiene and living habits. Wash hands and open windows regularly to maintain good ventilation. No spitting. Be sure to have adequate sleep, live regularly and wrap up warm. It is important to exercise more to strengthen immunity.


5. Please go to the hospital nearby in case that the suspicious symptoms, such as fever, cough and cold occur, and notify teachers of the Office of International Student Affairs. If students around you have above-mentioned symptoms, please report to the office and take observation methods.


6. The college shares free online courses in international students’ Wechat groups, including Chinese language learning, HSK preparation counseling and psychological counseling etc. Please make good use of the online courses. Masks for urgent needs, thermometer and free WIFI services are available at the reception of the International Education and Exchange Building. Epidemic prevention and control work has been carried out every day. Staffs from the Administrative and Service Center for Foreign Experts and International Students disinfect public areas  in the dormitory buildings, including elevators, sofas and restrooms. The University has taken actions to meet the essential needs of international students, solving problems of dining, basic needs for water and electricity, and internet as well.


7. In order to contact you with emergency affairs or inform you of important messages, please keep your mobile phone on. If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please contact teachers of Office of International Student Affairs.      


Dear all international students, it is everyone’s duty and responsibility to work together to fight against coronavirus as it concerns all our health and safety. Please believe that Guangxi Normal University always cares about the safety and wellbeing of all international students, and please believe that with our joint efforts, we will win the battle against the virus soon!

       紧急情况联系 Emergency Contact  

       罗老师/ Lester:13977386127   

       马老师/ Ms. Ma (English):15907732396



       Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges

       College of International Culture and Education


       2nd February, 2020


On 2nd February, Professor Deng Jun, Secretary of CPC Guangxi Normal University Committee inspected the College of International Culture and Education to offer instructions on epidemic control and prevention, accompanied by the Vice Presidents of Guangxi Normal University, Su Guifa and Lin Chunyi, and directors from other departments of Guangxi Normal University. 


On 26th January, Professor He Zubin, President of Guangxi Normal University offered instructions to contain the pneumonia-causing virus and visited international teachers and students living on campus during his inspection visit to College of International Culture and Education.


On 2nd February, Liu Yue’e, Secretary of CPC CICE Committee and Li Dongmei, Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges gave masks to international teachers and students free of charge.


Staff from the International Education and Exchange Center disinfected public areas in and out of the dormitory.